Something from Nothing или каша из топора

Sometimes you come home after running errands on a hot summer Sunday hungry and tired. This is when you realise that there is pretty much nothing to eat at home. So, what does a creative woman do? She makes a каша из топора. For my non-FSU-origin readers – this is when you really get anything you see in the house and make up something from it.

So, I had:

Some cooked quinoa

Some arugula argula1

Some scallions

Some cherry tomatoes, including this baby grown on the windowsillIMG_2780[1] of my apartment.

Some pickled olives. These were from my husband’s friends’ store, very spicy, so I didn’t use any pepper and added very little salt. If you are not into spicy food, you will have to add salt and pepper to your taste. I just sprinkled my favourite turmeric, which I add, pretty much, everywhere.

Next were some raw sunflower seeds, fresh lemon juice and avocado oil, which I love to use for salads. Just mix everything together.

Finally, because of the advice of my friend doctor/coach/miracle worker, Nehama Milson, I’ve added some brewer’s yeast, which is healthy, good in salads, but not too tasty on its own, to say the least.

Et voilà!

Very tasty, fast, healthy thing to eat on a summer day – my new version of каша из топора.


*Disclaimer. Of course, I know that today is 17 of Tammuz, the day that ultimately brings us to the 9 of Av at the end of three weeks, and I am not supposed to eat. However, with my migraines, I am unable to hold more than 2 fasts a year, as I am in the non-functional state for a couple of days after the fast. So I fast on Yom Kippur and Tish’a b’Av only. If you hold the fast, this salad would be perfect to break it with at the end of the day.




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  1. Wait – I haven’t realized you knew Russian! I have a similar post with the same каша из топора reference, but linked to a different Russian cartoon. Great minds think alike!
    BTW, I also fast only on Tisha b’Av and Yom Kippur, for the same reason – migraines. Rabbi’s orders; it’s called Pikuach Nefesh.

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